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Tom Robot (1)

All of our books are original they are available to buy on Kindle, Audible, as Ebook downloads and on CD.  They have already been enjoyed by many children.  These stories make for fantastic bedtime listening and are great to keep children entertained while on long journeys.

  • Tom and the Green Mark

Our collection is as follows:

The Red Man and Green Man (Click to buy from Amazon) – Audio Stories for Kids

Red Man and Green Man have lived in the traffic lights all their life and have started to get bored and can’t wait to go on an adventure.  When it goes dark and everyone is asleep they climb out of the traffic lights but soon find themselves in some very dangerous and scary places.  These reading books for kids, really do capture their imagination and are also available as audio books for children, where author Ann narrates the story.

Tom on Robot Island (Click to buy from Amazon) – Story Books for Kids

In this beautifully written kids story… it is the last day of Tom’s holiday at the seaside and he’s feeling very upset that it’s nearly time for him to go home.  He throws the last stick into the sea for his dog Patch but oh dear a giant wave carries them both far away to a desert island.  But this island has a secret past as Tom is soon to find out because this is Robot island that nobody knows about.  Will Tom be able to escape from the Robots and get back home?  These are great story books for kids who love robots.  These 2 good stories for kids in this book truly do capture the imagination.

Lea and the Magic Sunflower (Click to buy from Amazon) Children’s Audio Books Online

All the children in Lea’s class are given a packet of sunflower seeds to see whose can grow the tallest.  Lea is so upset when her sunflowers don’t grow at all.  But what Lea doesn’t know is that she has got a magic sunflower seed that will grow into the biggest sunflower in the world and give Lea magic powers.  In this book are two magical books for children which are also available in children’s audio books online.

Alex and the Little People (Click to buy from Amazon) Audio Books for Children

This children’s storey is written from the heart, and is about a little boy called Alex who often visits his grandma when his mum and dad are busy.  Alex enjoys playing on the park nearest his grandma’s called the Bolehills.  He has no clue that when his grandma sends him out to play he will uncover a whole world of little people that live under the rock that he likes to play on.  This story is also available in Audio Books for Children and will capture the imaginations of children aged 4-8 years.  This story is also available in children’s audio books download format

Lou Lou and the Blue Caravan

Fred and the Red Caravan

The Moon Goes Pop (Click to buy from Amazon) Children’s Short Story

In this children’s short story it is the very last night Ellie would sleep her bedroom as tomorrow she is moving to a new home.  Looking out of her bedroom window for the very last time at night, Ellie suddenly hears a funny popping noise, the noise starts to get louder Ellie got out of bed again and looked out of the window.  “Whatever is the noise that Ellie can hear?”  Ellie looks again and sees the moon shake from side to side.  What is happening to the moon?  Will anybody else have noticed the moon go pop?  If you are looking for great short bedtime stories then this is the book for you.  Author Ann, has taken inspiration from her grandchildren when writing this book and is a firm favourite with her 8 grandchildren.

Brain Swapping Machine

Santa’s Magic Button

Grumpy Grandad in Santa’s Grotto (Click to buy from Amazon) Christmas Books for Kids

Grumpy Grandad gets more than he has bargained for when he signs up for the position of Father Christmas to help out. This fantastically funny children’s Christmas story is part of the Grumpy Grandad series and these combined make fantastic Christmas books for kids.

Children just love Grumpy Grandad and all his antics, this is sure to be a firm Christmas favourite for kids.