Grumpy Grandad’s busy weekend

gg goes to tavern gg goes for a drive gg gets a passport picture#

Grumpy Grandad decided he was fed up with sitting in the house, so decided to make the most of his weekend. ¬†Firstly he went with his his friends, Kass, Kenn, Ellie and Charlotte to have a drink, but ended up grumbling as he couldn’t get served as he was too small. ¬†The next day Grumpy Grandad went to get his passport picture taken, fed up with the change in weather in England, he thought it would be a good idea to get some sun, so with passport picture in hand, he is off to somewhere much sunnier than England……Any guesses where he might be going on holiday?

Yesterday, he was so exhausted with his busy weekend that he thought a drive would make him smile, however, he ended up grumbling after another driver pinched his parking space.

So all in all it has been a busy week end for Grumpy Grandad!!! I wonder where his adventures will take him next.